Home Bar Design

Home Bars are on of my favorite areas to design in a home or a commercial setting. To me the Home Bar, after the Kitchen, is the hub for entertaining. A place to allow yourself to feel like an ‘escape’ from the traditional Kitchen island or the Living Loom couch. A Home Bar can be placed almost in any space, including the Kitchen, which makes them very flexible, allowing for a wide range of applications. The designs themselves should blend into the homes design scheme but always offer something ‘exciting’ or ‘new’ for the eye to gravitate towards. The below design progression from 2D design drawings to a 3D image, shows one possible bar design direction. The space the bar occupies is a transitional hallway leading from the Foyer to the Living Room to the Kitchen. This particular bar design is a collaboration with IBMS, using transitional style cabinets and wall hung art as a strong supporting element in the design.

Home Bar Design Drawings

It is of course one of hundreds of options, between layouts, hardware, appliances, materials and of course color and finish schemes. The best solution is always, in my opinion, the simplest one. This allows for functionality and elegance to be of most importance, without too many superfluous details. As one starts to ‘over design’ the end product could lose it’s appeal by being too heavy and or ornate as in relation to it’s surroundings. Of course that depends on the surroundings, as each home or space will have it’s own design scheme. And what is appropriate in a Mies van der Rohe space is a far cry from what is appropriate at Versailles.

Given that each space, budget and taste can be different it is the Designers responsibility to help in finding the equilibrium between function and form. Working with a qualified designer is very helpful and will be a time and money saver. As you wonder the internet and see the thousands of design images, please remember each one was created for a specific client with specific tastes, requirements, budget, etc. For your very own and unique Home Bar it is best to work with a qualified professional who can take your ideas and wants and transform them into reality.