My Designer Lounge Chair was a Washing Machine

We all had our share of unreliable washers we had to put down, but what if we could re-use and have some fun doing it? (Some call it fun, yes! ) Here is one way someone more creative, and less lazy, than I  came up with a fun design solution by taking that heap of junk and turning it into a lounge chair! Yes, a mad-max type lounge chair but what a conversation piece! A bit shy about your new creation? Than tuck away in the laundry to spend the last minutes of the wash cycle in comfort.

Lounge chair made from a washing machine
Washing Machine Lounge Chair


So get to it! If your washing machine still works, break it (accidentally) or find a friend, neighbor looking to ditch his and click the below to get the full cycle by cycle directions!

Washing Machine Lounge Chair Instructions!

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