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Ralph Klich

Working in Chicago I see many clients having trouble deciding on a clear design direction when tackling a Kitchen Design project. So I wanted to share what I think is one of the key ingredients during a Kitchen remodel or renovation. Since a Kitchen has many options including layout, colors and cabinet styles to name a few, how can one start simply yet effectively? The proper way to approach the (or any) problem would involve setting a clear goal. It may be more storage, better flow or addressing the original kitchen problems and short comings. Setting a goal will drive the design and keep superfluous actions to a minimum (hopefully).

Once we have chosen the goal we want to build around it, choosing cabinetry/accessories/layout to help achieve that goal. Try not to stray, use styles and color to enhance rather than change the end result. Choosing gaudy cabinetry which eats up your storage with too many decorative elements like corbels, pillars etc which eat up space unnecessarily, specially in small kitchens and may be overkill for the space.

Choose colors to help awaken your spirit and make it enjoyable to spend time in your  Kitchen. Choosing the wrong color may have a big adverse effect down the road and lead to added expense of re-painting the space. If possible, use software programs or apps to help visualize your kitchen design prior to build-out to see if the styles, layout and colors work as you intended. Throw some of your color choices on a wall and see how you feel about them in a few days.

Design Plans

Keep on target and focused on the functional aspect of the Kitchen Design. This will pay for itself later by a well organized and ergonomic space you will enjoy cooking, entertaining and spending time in.

And of course if this is not your cup of tea, please hire a professional who can help visualize, design, bid and oversee the install / construction process of your new Kitchen to help ease the possible headaches involved. If in the Chicago area, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, you can always call upon rgkDESIGNS for a free kitchen consultation.

Happy Kitchen planning!



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