Interior Design and Color Response Part II

As promised, below is the few additional colors and their perceived response in us. If you missed the first post, or want to check out the rest of the spectrum, read about them here.

color wheel

Orange is a declassifier causing other colors to have an appeal to a greater number of people. Orange works great on the interior as a indicator of informality such as in a family room or kitchen and even some bedrooms. If you need a bit of an upscale orange use terra-cotta, the darker and deeper red-browns feel more expensive.


Red excites the pituitary gland, aids in infant brain development, increases appetite, distorts perception of time and fragrance and increases sexual interest. Men looking to attract women should use blue-based reds, women looking to attract men should use yellow based reds. The darker the red, the higher the socioeconomic group it attracts.

 Green is the most widely used color in nature and we, in turn, respond most favorably to green most of the time. It tends to make us relaxed (just don’t use too much yellow) and secure. Makes most foods look better, except sweets. Dark greens are classifiers and a color like hunter green may only appeal to a very small percentage of the population. And do not use green to solicit for donations as it is the least effective….

While gray is a great neutral color to allow for easy integration into the home or office and is known to increase creativity in creative individuals, is linked with success and power and is a strong classifier. The overuse of gray, especially certain shades in a long term use environment, can lead to a ‘loss of direction’ and create a dull, moody and a mildly depressive space.

The above are just a few of many findings on each color, and of course the exact blend that makes up a color can change it’s effect on us. Color psychology can get involved and sometimes just keeping a few good points in mind while selecting colors for your use is more than enough to accomplish the intend results.

Hope this was interesting and may find itself useful to you in the future.

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