Interior Design and Color Response

A few interesting tidbits about our response to color…

color wheel

Yellow, seems as a cheer me up color but in fact it is more of ‘stress up’ color. Children cry more in yellow rooms, people needing chemical adjustment need more in presence of yellow, you will lose your temper faster and for longer in a yellow room, yellow bathroom walls may interfere with make-up application. Use the color sparingly and mostly in transitional spaces.

Black is all about power, dignity and sophistication. Black is equally accepted by all socio-economic groups and like it’s opposite, white, can almost always be used with all other colors successfully. Use in interiors is limited and works best as an accent and or piece of furniture, much more well received for commercial exteriors and buildings, while not so much for residential projects.

Deep sky blue releases 11 natural tranquilizing hormones in the human brain. Pale blue encourages fantasy and reduces the perceived environmental temperature. Dark blue has a historic reputation for trustworthiness and responsibility. Most importantly, don’t use blue if you wish to sell your home reasonably quickly, but do eat off a blue plate and in a blue dining room if trying to lose weight.

Brown is all around us in nature, thus it is well received. Light values of brown are great work environments and many values are great for your living spaces. The very light browns reflect the most light making them environmentally sound for energy conservation. And of course brown is great in and around food, as we eat and drink brown.

Will add some more colors later, but for now, please remember to look up into that deep blue sky and let your stress just melt away!


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