Design with Nature for a healthier you

Biophilic Design… Yeah, sounds unpleasant, I know, but it is a simple approach that is easy and very rewarding for us. Biophilia means ‘love of life or living systems’ or simply incorporating natural elements into our man made environments. Be it interiors or city planning, adding natural elements makes us mentally, physically and emotionally healthier, not to mention more relaxed and productive.

Simple test below: By simply looking at the two different landscapes below,  we can gauge our minds response to each…

mountain lake hike

The above mountain landscape with its colors, greenery and lake quickly relax you…

busy chicago street
photo: Michael Schmidt/Sun-Times

The urban scene above is busy and creates a bit of anxiety as we can imagine the sounds, traffic backlogs, deadlines to meet… Interestingly, ones eyes gravitate towards the trees and we can feel the subtly comfort they provide…

These two images are extremes of course, but the emotions exhibited form them are still relevant. And some of the benefits from utilizing Biophilia are:

  • Reduction in illness and absenteeism
  • Staff retention
  • Increased healing rates
  • Increased retail sales
  • Less stress/fatigue

To learn about Biophilia in depth, visit here.

To apply some oversimplified guidelines but still reap the benefits, provide the as much of the below as you can in your interior spaces.

  • Introduce live plants into your home or office
  • Use natural materials (even imitations, like a wood print laminate will have a beneficial effects)
  • Use warm, earthly  colors
  • Provide as much daylight as possible.
  • Provide for a view of the outdoors overlooking greenery.
  • Allow occupants to change their immediate environment (temperature, light, etc)

It is that simple to a more relaxed, happy, productive and healthy self..

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