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We are Chicago based Interior Designers helping create beautiful interior spaces for all who demand well thought out design solutions to provide function and beauty for their homes or businesses. Whether it's a Kitchen or Bath remodel, adding 'Green Design' elements to your existing or new home, looking to spice up an office or lobby or just treating yourself to a new custom furniture piece for your living room, we can help from start to finish or anywhere in-between.

Well executed Interior Design is essential to looking, functioning, but most importantly, to feeling one's best. Be it a residence, apartment or an office space, creating the right atmosphere, by design, is essential to a balanced, healthy and successfully productive environment. This is why the Interior Design process at rgk DESIGNS, a Chicago based firm, is individualized to provide you with the best design solutions for the available space constraints, present, future needs and budget. Each interior project is carefully programmed and sculpted to provide function and style with care taken to apply the best possible technical as well as aesthetic solutions to each design.

Design well to live well.

• Homes | Offices | Retail

• Kitchen | Bath Design

• Remodel | Renovate | New Construction

• Custom Cabinets and Furniture

• Outdoor Living

• Green | Sustainable Design

NEWS: Future Product Launch..

Designed and manufactured right here at home. Stayed tuned for more details on the design/production process and future availability.

Update 12/15/2014: Acquiring the right fabricator taking some time, but will be well worth the wait.....

wood and metal end tablewood and metal console table

**** One production piece will be given away to one lucky individual, stayed tuned! ****


No design works unless it embodies ideas that are held common by the people for whom the object is intended.

~ Adrian Forty

Our Interior Design Philosophy

Our design services have one goal in mind, customer satisfaction! Both with the process and the final outcome of your project.

'No matter the design style or project, finding equilibrium between function and form is of most importance, it is only when the design is useful as well as pleasing to the eye is when it is truly complete.'

Custom Furniture Interior Design Portfolio Home Wet Bar Custom Office Desk

Design Flexibility....

Let rgk DESIGNS handle the entire Interior Design process from inception through project management to final walk through. We will work with you the entire way to produce the final results you deserve without troubling you with the all the necessary micro management involved in a major remodel or renovation. The best way to assure your interior project turns out to your satisfaction is to design well ahead. By investing in your design you are guaranteeing the best possible end result with the least headaches during construction.

Custom kitchen island custom vanity cabinet pergoal design vanity design drawing bathroom cabinets

... is where the heart is...

The home should be the treasure chest of living.

~ Le Corbusier

Interior Design for Your Home...

Every house should be a welcoming, comfortable, energy efficient home. rgkDESIGNS provides design solutions to make your house just that, a warm, friendly, functional space you will be proud to call home. From material selections to space planning rgkDESIGNS provides professional assistance in making most dreams reality. Weather you live in Chicago or anyplace in the U.S. we can help your house become the home you always dreamed off.

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